Imagine controlling a black hole that allows you to eat everything that is smaller than you! You can find that in There are 3 gameplay modes that are going to satiate your desire to eat everything. Go cause some destruction and become the biggest black hole in the arena!
Release Date
September 2018
Developer was developed by Murat Yucel.
Features and Tips
A eating game that is inspired by
3 game, deathmatch, and ego
No smaller objects can stand you
Sometimes you must adjust the position perfectly to absorb tall objects
Constantly zooming-out camera view as your size grows
Platforms is a web browser game. We also have the Android and iOS versions.
Drag left mouse button to move the black hole.
Walkthrough Video ยป is a game. It can be played here, free of charge. It has been played 212,018 times and has been rated 8.9 out of 10 by 1,579 people. It was developed by Murat Yucel. uses WebGL to work in most browsers. It can be played in full-screen to avoid any distractions. The game is available on your computer and as a downloadable app. Did you like playing game? Then take a look at our games or Shell Shockers and Online.